PhoHerb-Original Thai Balm 50gx3 (1.7ozx3) Gift Box Set

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  • #1 Pain relief for muscular aches & pains, bruises, strains & sprains. Relief for insect bites or stings and respiratory irritation
  • Main lngredient: Clinacanthus Nutans (Burm.f) Lindau (leaf extract). Other ingredients:Camphor, Racemic Menthol, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, White Soft Paraffin, Hard Paraffin and Solvent Green 3.
  • Made from natural herbs, helps relieve back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, abdominal pain or cramps
  • Best Thai Herbal Balm, Made in Thailand
  • ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certified, 50gx3 / 1.7 oz x 3

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PhoHerb – Original Thai Balm provides fast, soothing relief for joint and muscular aches and pains, insect bites, as well as alleviating respiratory discomfort. PhoHerb provides you the ability to live your life to its fullest without painful physical distractions.

PhoHerb, Original Thai Balm is made from a unique proprietary formula. The main ingredient is Clinacanthus nutans (Burm. f.) Lindau, or “Phyayor” in Thai, but commonly known as snake grass. This is an herbaceous plant that has long been used for traditional medicinal purposes in Asia for treatment of skin rashes, insect and snake bites, rheumatism, arthralgia, bruises, swelling, and fractures. Additionally, we use Camphor and Menthol herbal, which help to relieve itching and inflammation. Our product has a unique cool relaxing smell made from peppermint oil.

PhoHerb is now available in the United States for the first time.

Additional Information:

Our manufacturer is ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certified.

Main Ingredients: Clinacanthus Nutans (Burm.f) Lindau. Leaf extract

Uses: Relieves muscular aches and pains, insect bites, and respiratory irritation.

Warnings: When using this product; Use only as directed. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with open wounds, damaged or irritated skin and the eyes and mouth areas. Do not use with a heating pad. Do not use one hour prior to and after bathing or showering.

Stop use and ask a doctor if; condition worsens, skin irritation develops, pain persists for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days.

If pregnant or breastfeeding; Please ask a healthcare professional before use.

Keep out of reach of children; if swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Directions: For adults and children over 12 years old; rub into the affected area. Allow product to dry before coming into contact with clothing. Wash hands immediately after use. Children under 12, consult with a doctor before use.

Other information: This product may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. Test on small area before use. Store in a cool, dry location.

Other Ingredients: Camphor, Racemic Menthol, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, White Soft Paraffin, Hard Paraffin and Solvent Green 3.

16 reviews for PhoHerb-Original Thai Balm 50gx3 (1.7ozx3) Gift Box Set

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice product and good service. Highly recommended.

  2. James (store manager)

    I have been using the Original PhoHerb on throat and neck at night. Clears everything up and helps me sleep

  3. James (store manager)

    I have been using the Original PhoHerb on throat and neck at night. Clears everything up and helps me sleep

  4. Rosanna (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping

  5. Anonymous (store manager)

    I bought this six times. I love it! It is great for back pain and static nerve pain. I use this daily on back thigh ankle. I bought extra and sent some to my grandson when he hurt his knee. He used it and the swelling and discomfort disappeared!!! I swear by this product!! Try it and you won’t be disappointed!!

  6. Zoltan dr. Szabo (verified owner)


  7. Napoleon McCallum (verified owner)

    Love it!

  8. TereZa Ganchev (verified owner)

    PhoHerb is a life changer!
    Easy on the go, with the small bottle. Or family size at home.
    It improved my living, either at my gym class when my trainer made me work hard, or when my autoimmune disorder is rocking me.
    PhoHerb is always a night stand away.
    If you, or someone you love is in pain, that’s your tool.


    #PhoHerb #BuddhaSecret #AllOrganic #Herbs #Healthy #PainFree

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  9. Joe Bullock (verified owner)

    Excellent product , really soothing and not too harsh , excellent service too !!! All around great experience !!! Thank you !!!

  10. Stacy B. (store manager)

    Pho-Herb helps your drive on the golf course. Must have item for golfer bag!

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    Image #1 from Stacy B.
    Image #2 from Stacy B.
  11. Tricia (store manager)

    My son play baseball and have some pain here and there. One of my girlfriend introduced me this green balm. It really helps!

  12. Ryan Basketball Player (store manager)

    I am an Asian athlete and I am quite familiar with various kind of herbal ointments/products for daily use. And I use this one the most!!

    A lot of time my back muscle would get tired/sore after playing basketball, I rub a bit of PhoHerb on my arms and legs. You can’t believe what an instant relief I get.

    I apply this ointment for my aches and pains every day. The smell is good; the comfort level is unbelievable.

    And it works so well with any insect bites! A tiny bit of this fights, the itching/swelling remarkably. I do not need to bring any bulky anti-itching creams tubs/bottles when I go outside. I only carry this small jar of PhoHerb. I bought a pack of 3 bottles 50g for my friend’s birthday gift and a small bottle for myself.

    This product works very fast and last!!

  13. Delores (verified owner)

    Bought this for a friend who had hand pain and was close to quitting tennis because of it. After using this the pain is gone and he’s playing tennis pain free.

  14. Dee B. (store manager)

    Fast pain relief! It is the best on the market. My boyfriend is a veteran. He has all kind of pain. One of my friend recommended this PhoHerb to me. I rubbed it on his shoulder, neck and wrist a few times, his pain immediately went away. Next day, he took the jar PhoHerb to his doctor and let his friends know that he did not have pain anymore. We highly recommend this product to everyone!!! No more other expensive brand! We will staple this product in our household!

  15. James Dartt (verified owner)

    Professionally Packed! Will start using when prior purchase i out. Used on leg and shoulder after a fall. 2 Day Lump in leg gone. No Bruse. Outstanding!

  16. Toni (store manager)

    It works so well. Delivery was fast.

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