Authentic Products from PHOYOK HERB CO.

Best Thai pain relief herbal green balm! Made from natural herbs, helps relieve any pain from muscular aches and joints, bruises, rash, burn, abdominal pain or cramps.


Authentic Thai Herbal Green Balm

Thailand’s best pain relief herbal green balm – helps soothe muscle and joint aches and pains quickly so you can get back to enjoying your life!

PhoHerb - Original Thai Balm

Thailand’s best pain relief herbal green balm – helps relieve itching caused by insect bites!

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Marissa, USA

“I’ve been using PhoHerb for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It helps my sore muscles and I enjoy the smell…” Read all reviews.

Gretchen, USA

“I use PhoHerb on my lower back and my shoulder and it relieved the pain almost immediately. You can feel it start to work….” Read all reviews.

Nastasia, USA

“I absolutely love that green ointment. It’s better than anything else I have tried for muscle pain. Works in seconds! Five stars”

Tracy, USA

“Great product. The balm smells like a spa!! I used it immediately to help with a 20-year-old whiplash… Read all reviews.

John, Dubai

“As a person that is always affected by allergies, I tend to always get a stuffy and runny nose…” Read all reviews.

Ingrid, Canada

“It is an excellent product for daily use especially when traveling.It helps prevent from carsick and release the discomfort of a cold…” Read all reviews.

Shawn, USA

“I am a USPS Letter Carrier. I used PhoHerb for the first time last night, after a recommendation from a friend. I had worked a 15 hour shift and my lower back and neck muscles were sore. I had my wife apply the balm after I took a shower. I woke up this morning feeling amazing with no soreness from the day before. I am recommending….!” Read all reviews.