Chris Cuomo is demanding bosses at NewsNation give him a different time slot after viewing figures for his new show, reports claim.

Cuomo started at NewsNation on October 3 following his firing from last year after it emerged he was not open about his involvement in helping his older brother  navigate a slew of sex scandals.

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Now, Cuomo is said to have met with NewsNation’s president of news, Michael Corn in the hope of convincing him to switch him from his 8pm time slot, possibly with Dan Abrams who takes to the airwaves at 9pm on weeknights.

When Cuomo was at CNN, his show Prime Time would air during the network’s 9 o’clock hour and averaged 774,000 viewers by the time of his axing.

NewsNation slapped down the claim its anchor was looking for a swap, claiming the source briefing reporters was ‘100 percent untrue’.

Chris Cuomo’s viewing figures are plummeting despite only being back on-air for a matter of weeks on NewsNation

‘Cuomo is getting nasty about the ratings and he’s starting to blame everyone but himself,’ an insider told the .

‘He’s blaming the network, staff that he personally hired, his lead-in, the promo department and even the press department!’

Cuomo’s beef appears to be with NewsNation’s press and marketing teams for not hyping his show enough.

At one stage, the press team is said to have urged other employees at the network to promote Cuomo’s show by placing information about his broadcast in their email signatures.

Cuomo’s debut pulled in 147,000 but it has been on a downward spiral ever since with 119,000 viewers tuning in during the week of October 17 and even his interview with Kanye West generating just 129,000 viewers.

Even Newsmax, a conservative network that is way behind Fox News, MSNBC and CNN – but was managing to beat NewsNation when Cuomo was on.

Nielsen ratings estimate that Newsmax’s anchor Eric Bolling pulls in between 150,000 and over 200,000 viewers a night.

NewsNation disputed the claims, first reported by the New York Post, arguing they were ‘untrue’.

NewsNation is a relatively new broadcaster which bills itself as offering neutral reporting on current events – a marked departure for Cuomo, who enjoyed inserting his opinions into stories while on CNN. 

Cuomo, seen in October 2018, was fired by CNN in December last year

Cuomo issued a tweet acknowledging his axing last year in a public statement expressing regret for his part of the scandal – but asserted that he was only helping his brother

‘Chris was going around screaming that Newsmax is beating him,’ said a source to The Post. ‘He’s a Cuomo. He doesn’t blame himself. His entire life he’s been told he’s special,’ the source added. ‘No one is talking about his show. Chris has zero patience, This isn’t going to end well.’

Cuomo is shifting the blame to others on his network, suggesting that the 7pm lead-in show, On Balance with Leland Vitter, is only bringing in 30,000 viewers a night. 

Traditionally, the lead-in show will often generate a viewership that carries on to subsequent hours. 

‘We have talked to numerous people in our newsroom and on Chris’ staff and they are all very happy with the growth we’re seeing,’ a NewsNation rep said in response to the claims.

Cuomo is reportedly earning $1 million the hosting gig – a fraction of his former $6 million-a-year paycheck at CNN. 

Chris Cuomo on set at his new NewsNation show, which has been airing for the last four weeks

Cuomo was canned by CNN executives for violating journalistic ethics by advising his disgraced brother – former New York Governor – through sexual misconduct allegations in 2021.

Cuomo has since maintained he did nothing wrong in advising his older brother and is currently suing CNN for $125million for lost wages, with the lawsuit claiming the firing left his reputation so marred that it would be ‘difficult if not impossible for Cuomo to find similar work in the future.’

During a promotional interview for the new show earlier this month, Cuomo appeared to try to distance himself from the partisan reporting of his past.

‘Everything’s gotta be context, and balance,’ he said in an interview with NewsNation. ‘It can’t just be that everything is wrong, everything is bad, and refferal gacor I see that now having been outside of it for while, and I hope to bring that perspective in.

‘NewsNation is just getting going, the idea of developing an audience, growing something, that’s really important to me. Cause I’m really trying to speak to a group, which the good news is it’s the biggest group, which is regular people who don’t identify with either extreme of a party,’ he said.

‘I was helping him in ways that I thought were reasonable,’ said Chris Cuomo, right, of helping his brother Andrew, left, defend himself against sexual harassment allegations

Despite his hiatus from the broadcaster’s chair, Cuomo has remained in the headlines since his departure from CNN.

Many have speculated Cuomo may have sparked the shakeup currently rocking CNN by ratting on former CEO Jeff Zucker over a consensual relationship with the network’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollus, which led directly to the executive’s firing.

Cuomo has described Zucker as ‘one of the best makers of television’ and the relationship being revealed gave him ‘no joy,’ adding that Zucker ‘gave me tremendous opportunities.’

Despite the kind words for his former boss, Cuomo bitterly lamented that he was ‘recognized in Malawi as much as I would be in Milwaukee’ before his firing.

Former CNN boss Jeff Zucker was terminated from his position when he didn’t disclose a relationship with CNN executive Allison Gollust, though Cuomo denies exposing them

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollust, who resigned along with Zucker, is thought to have engaged in the relationship with him for years

Cuomo continues to maintain he doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions, and says because he wasn’t covering his brother’s allegations, he was free to help him.

‘I was helping him in ways that I thought were reasonable,’ said Cuomo in an interview earlier in October.

‘I don’t know how it hurt the audience. I’ve never heard that it hurt the audience,’ he said of his helping shape his brother’s defense against sexual harassment allegations.

At the time he issued an on-air apology on CNN, Cuomo said that he ‘knows where the line is’.

He addressed the conflict of interest again in his podcast, saying: ‘I really do regret how everything ended, but I will never regret helping my family.’

Andrew Cuomo’s career collapsed as a politician after he was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior towards 11 women.

He resigned in August 2021 after months of pushback and eventually all criminal charges were dropped against him.

Cuomo was found to have helped his brother, ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (pictured here), defend himself from sexual harassment allegations from 11 women

The charges against Cuomo were based on allegations by Brittany Commisso, who said Cuomo reached up her blouse and grabbed her breast in late 2020 while they were alone in his Executive Mansion office, where she´d been summoned to help with his cellphone.

He insisted he did no such thing, saying ‘it would be an act of insanity.’

Commisso’s testimony was among the most damning in a report released in August 2021 by Democratic state Attorney General Letitia James that concluded Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women.

Chris Cuomo maintains that he was not ‘the main guy’ in helping his brother overcome the allegations and was merely a ‘side piece’ in the efforts.

This notion is backed up by notes from his brother’s top aide Melissa DeRosa, who noted ‘Chris sends me a lot of things a lot of the time. Half of it I don’t engage in. He gives unsolicited advice.’

The former governor was also blamed for many of New York’s 15,000 nursing home COVID deaths after forcing the facilities to accept COVID-positive patients at the start of the pandemic.

Chris chummily interviewed his brother on his CNN show during the time and has admitted he knew having his brother on his show was a conflict of interest ‘all day long.’